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Sneak-Peak Photoshoot with Kim Adams!

Kim Adams has always been my number one supporter and mentor. When I was 10 years old my father was killed in a farming accident. No one really had a good idea of  just how much I understood about it, so for the most part I was left alone in my confusion and mourning. But after a few weeks Kim showed up on my door with a big black horse and her camera and said "We are going to have a medieval princess photoshoot. I need a pretty model." 

No one could ever understand how much that day meant to me. Through a small gesture, I could tell that even though I felt so alone there was someone who understood and wanted to help.

Since then Kim and I have traveled the country together taking pictures and building sets for Matilda Jane Clothing, Company, making costumes and props for a marketing video for BUCK Studios, and more recently shooting my own creations. We've swapped fabric loot, secrets and heartache, and sparkling vintage brooches such as the ones shown in the first dress below. 

I am so lucky to have such a strong sister in Christ to help me along my fashion journey in any way possible. Thank you Kim for all that you do. 

  • Photography: Kimbery Hardy Adams
  • Model: Julia O'leary
  • Makeup: Laura Fidler

Vancouver Fashion Week March 2015

Happy Holidays From Kate's Couture and Kel Ward Photography!