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eveRIAthing Feature: "The Kate Walk" Full Episode

eveRIAthing Feature: "The Kate Walk" Full Episode

Welcome to the world of young fashion with sixteen-year-old celebrated fashion designer Kate Miles from Portland, Oregon, USA! This girl is only sixteen but she's displayed her fashion on many catwalks because of her unique style!

An interview with eveRIAthing host, Ria Jade, for SHAW T.V. Channel 116 as their first American Guest

The first signs of Autumn were starting to form on the tips of branches and in the arms that put the sun to bed. I scrubbed at my fingers for what must have been an hour, trying to remove the black grease-stained rings under my nails that I'd accumulated over the past few months working on the farm. I ended up just painting over them with dark red polish, hoping no one would notice. 

I had another adventure ahead of me, and for the first time I was going to be the one in front of a camera. I have now been to The City of Glass three times, each trip a lucid memory that feels more like a dream. 

In July I went up to Vancouver, B.C. to see one of my dresses worn on the red carpet at the 2015 Wall of Stars Event. The event was put on by eveRIAthing, a Canadian talk-show that spotlights young local talent. While I was there I was able to meet the show's host, Ria Jade, as well as her mother and sisters who help run the show. 

A few weeks after I got home, I received an email inviting me to be featured on their show in an interview as their first American guest. I needed no better excuse to talk mom into going with me to Vancity again; we set up a date and headed North. 

On the day of the interview we rode an elevator up and up a high rise building where the film studio was located.  Although I was practically a stranger, the moment I walked in the door I felt like I was with old friends. Ria's crew took me into a room full of colorful snacks (the key to my heart right here), and a suitcase full of makeup that Ria's friend, Princess, proceeded to distribute all over my face. They fed me snacks, made me over, and asked me about my passions. 

It was a blast! I had such a great time getting to know the members of the eveRIAthing crew, and especially loved the "workshop" segments of the interview where I got to make a fool of myself posing like a model in various situations and directing Ria, my "model" into the "perfect pose." 

We stayed two nights in the city. Perhaps we felt that we were lacking adventure, or maybe I decided my wallet was hungry after paying for gas... so we decided to see what the whole "airbnb" hype is all about! We ended up getting a great deal with an Asian family living close to the film studio. They had a five-year-old boy who I immediately fell in love with. At night, before he scurried off to bed, we drew dinosaurs on cardstock and solved puzzles.

You don't get that at a hotel. 

We didn't have time for much, but I was able to meet up with my favorite Vacouverites while I was in town! 

One night we went out to dinner with Claude Duke, who grew up in music and was a successful fashion designer before he "retired" to Vancouver, where he has taken up fine-art photography. He wears big round glasses, a bowtie, and a smile from ear to ear. Always. He is pretty much my hero. 

We dined on shrimp and scallops on the beach as the sun stretched its arms across the whole sky, an eruption of salmon that turned the city pink. Claude spoke of his life growing up in Chile, and his early days as a fashion designer, first in Miami and then Qubec.

After dinner mom and I walked on the beach where the sun had long since set, reflecting the stars and the city lights in each glittering wave. 

Another highlight of the trip was seeing my fashion-journalist fairy-godmother, Randi Winter, and her husband Sam. Randi lives in a gorgeous water-front skyscraper that looks out over the most beautiful parts of Vancouver. The couple has travel the world together, collecting art as they go, and displaying it in their magazine-esque apartment. 

Before my interview, Randi and Sam graciously invited mom and me over for breakfast, where we were served fresh bread and omelets with blocks topped with lox and feta. Sipping licorice tea while talking about travel and art and dreams made it possible for me to pry my eyes from the array of tiny sailboats littering the harbor like a thousand daisies kissing the water. 

 After my interview, we spent the rest of the day at Granville Island. I'd been there before, but going back I felt like a child experiencing Christmas for the first time all over again. We danced from booth to booth at the market, sampling more flavors than I knew existed, finally deciding on Lamb Moussaka, an ooey-gooey Middle-Eastern dish perfect for the crisp breeze that left our cheeks rosey and our laughs as puffs suspended in the September evening. 

Like the photobomb? 

Like the photobomb? 

For dessert we shared buttery lemon crepes on the dock while a folk artist spilled his soul out over his guitar, singing and strumming, and puffing into his harmonica that was secured to his microphone. People passed by, but most couldn't help but sit and listen for at least a song or three. 

We might have stayed there, spellbound, listening forever as children chased after sea gulls and parents chased after children, had he not packed up his things to go home for the night.

On our way out of the city in the morning we stopped at a park where we walked through the woods, stopping to climb a tree or two, before heading home. 


Before long we were back in the car, headed South, both wondering if we were waking up from a dream. 

A month before all of this happened, I thought I was going to be all the way across the country on that weekend, taking what I thought was going to be the next big step for my career, but God closed that door. I didn't know why at first, but I am so glad He did. 

I wouldn't trade my weekend in Vancouver for the world. I am so thankful that I can trust Someone who knows better than I do. 

I'm just along for the ride. 

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