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The Broken Mirror Dress Meets Film at Last! 

Photographer: Michelle Dorman Photography
Dress: Kate Miles
Dog Team: Tracy Brogoitti
MUA: Sable Desiree
Hair: Shontia Delpin

This was such an incredible shoot! I am so lucky to have such creative people in my life! Confession: I am deathly afraid of wolves and have been my whole life, but I have to say this fella makes a pretty fly model! This dress is one of my favorites, created on a gloomy day when I was in the 8th grade. I have tweaked the skirt a few times, but it's character is still the way I first imagined it to be, and I love how that all shines through in the photos. 

Natural Beauty: Candlelight

A Woodland Fairy Bride

A Woodland Fairy Bride