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The Opening Gala

Day One: From the Hallways to the Runway in a Matter of Hours

At 8:00 A.M. I took my Biology final exam- my heart racing. I scribbled down my last essay question, planted my test firmly in my professor's hands, and flew out the door, down the stairs, across the court yard, and into my mom's VW Jeta, loaded down with a total of twenty dresses, four petticoats, and the mass of materials needed for us farm girls to look presentable ourselves. Oh, and food. We can't leave out the food. 

We arrived in Vancouver at around 4:00 just in time to get checked into our hotel, pick up Ronda, and head to the Opening Gala where each of the dozens of designers presenting at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) would be sending one look down the runway. I wore a cream blouse with gold buttons, my great grandmother's gold belt, some forest green shoes my daddy bought my mom, and mustard silk trousers that I made from fabric brought back by Ronda from her trip to Cambodia a few years ago.

The gown I chose to display that night is called "Shamrock." I chose this dress as a representative because I think it is one of my more neutral designs. It isn't so crazy that you'd never wear it, but it's not so simple that you don't notice it either. The bodice is made out of a green and white zebra-seqquin pattern, and it flares down into a massive tule skirt made out of hundreds of little green and white rosettes that graduate in size and hue. The girl who modeled the dress, Madison, looked like a goddess in it. She was so sweet and it was really fun getting to know her a little bit. It was so cool for me because I could tell that she felt beautiful in my dress, and that is what I am going for.

The Opening Gala was a fabulous night. I got to be backstage with all the designers which meant a full evening of chatting and networking with people who are just like me- which was an amazing experience. I got to talk to people who share the same passions as I have and learn more about the industry.

So that was day one! I'll be posting more through the rest of the week!

Vancouver Fashion Week 2015

I Walked With You Once Upon a Dream

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