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Couve Couture 2015

A few months ago, I received an invitation to participate in the 2015 spring Couve Couture event! They wanted to feature me as their 2015 Youth Designer. I was beyond ecstatic to have been asked to be a part of this show! What I didn't know at the time was how big of an ordeal this show was going to be. 

With the venue located in one of the oldest remaining buildings in Vancouver, The Academy, the entire day felt like a magical daydream. The main building was built in the 1870s and has an incredible history. Clustered around the main building are a few little sheds and even a lovely little cottage house. One shed has been left idle for so long that the ivy has completely encased the West wall, sealing off a little black door, just to tug at your curiosity. 

The child within me wanted so badly to explore each little crevice of the property, but there was much work to be done! We arrived shortly after 11 a.m. and got busy fitting the models and going through the lineup. The runway, a whopping 175 ft long, is a world record breaker. The girls were scheduled to walk through a series of different rooms throughout the main building and down a few hallways to insure the best seat in the house for anyone watching. 

After the fittings, my mom and I got to work getting each of the garments steamed and adding any last minute alterations. Kate's Couture got to share a room with Oscar Dominick down in the basement. We got nice and cozy with my 11 girls and his eight plus our helpers in one small room. Lucky for us, Oscar and I have worked in tight spaces together before! This was my third show with Oscar.... he is simply the best! It was chaos, but we were all having a good time. 

There were eleven designers total, and each designer had eight to 12 models on site... Just know the place was hoppin' with excitement! 

Around half past seven we all started lining up outside the Academy, waiting in anticipation for the show to begin. An hour later we had everyone all in order and the first model walked down the runway. 

Seth Aaron, two time Project Runway winner, was first to show. Next was me! I walked behind my finale dress, Orchid, and waved to the crowd. It was so fun for me to walk through and see some familiar faces! My Home-Ec teacher, Mrs. Broadbent and some of my friends from school were there, my brother Daniel, my grandma Roth, and her cousins were all there! I was even surprised to see my friend Lodovic, from France in the audience! They just about sold out with over 800 people in attendance!

After my girls were through walking, we had a short little photo-shoot in one of the back rooms, and mom and I worked on getting my dresses loaded up in the car. 

The event was one for the books! I had a really great time and I really hope I get to go back next year! 

Couve Couture was planned and presented through an incredible amount of creativity and even more hard work. Thank you so much to Brett Allred, Alisa Tetreault, and Jill Krumlauf for all that you did to make such a beautiful event. Thank you mom for helping me out so much with this! I was SO miserably sick and couldn't have done it without you! Also a huge shoutout to my gorgeous models and Siren Salon for donating their services to come play dress up with us... you guys are amazing! 

Here are a few looks from the show: More to come!

Thank you Jeff Wong for the beautiful photos!



Vancouver Fashion Week 2015