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Featured in AVARI Magazine -- Video and Photos

Featured in AVARI Magazine -- Video and Photos

Collaboration is my favorite part of what I do. 

I love how several artists can all come together to create something much bigger than one person could dream up themselves. 

Here's a short "Behind The Scenes" from a recent shoot with Emily Mazour and Holly Seeber. 

Emily Mazour, hair stylist extraordinare, and I have worked together before. We met for the first time last fall when she was gearing up for a photoshoot with a few other artists. As soon as we met I knew I had just been intruduced to my creative-twin! 

Its remarkable how much her brain is wired like mine. She has done hair for several years, but before that she did fashion. Like me, it doesn't matter which medium she works with, she just loves to create. I had so much fun talking with her because even though she is a lot older than I am, we could read each other's creative ramblings, which is rare, indeed!

Emily means business though! The first photoshoot she let me in on was featured in Valentina Mag, a Brazilian fashion e-mag.

I was so happy with her work from that project that I jumped at the opportunity to join her for the next one. The images from this Secret Garden photoshoot were on page four of AVARI Magazine, which features artists from all over the world, and she's in the process of getting our most recent project published as well. 

I am so honored that she would let me be a part of these fun collaborations. It means so much to me to have real artists, people who have been in the industry for years, believe in my art the way that they do. 

It's people like Emily that keep me motivated to keep working towards my goals. Projects like this remind me that what I love isn't just designing... 

I love to create. 

I love to create and I love to watch other people create. And in the end, when we all have contributed our creativity into one project, its not just a photo or a garment or some cool eyeliner. 

Its fine art. 


Photography by- Holly Seeber Photography 

Hair by- Emily Mazour 

Makeup by- Aimee Stout 

Model- Ashley Wilson 

Clothing Designer- Kate Miles

2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars -- Vancouver, B.C.

2015 eveRIAthing Wall of Stars -- Vancouver, B.C.

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