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Life Hacks -- Vasaline

Life Hacks -- Vasaline


Beauty on  a budget 

I wrote this article for my school newspaper, The Commuter. Click here to see the full article! 

“Look nice, feel nice.” Statistics show that feeling good about your appearance can boost self esteem, confidence, and even your mood.

That’s a good thought, but in many cases college students need to devote effort (and extra pennies) to other areas. Looking “nice” isn’t always as simple as rolling out of bed in the morning. It does take a little effort sometimes, but it does not have to break the bank.


Let’s delve into the glorious myriad of beautifying properties of a $3.59 tub of Vaseline.

Since it was first used to heal cuts and wounds of oil-field workers in the mid 1800s, Petroleum Jelly has been used for everything from curing toe-fungus to promoting eyelash growth.

Here are seven “life-hack” worthy uses of Vaseline to keep your beauty-budget in check; because to the sleep-deprived college student, caffeine may be a better use of those hard-earned pennies than a trip to Sephora.

  1. Forget the $60 bottle of lash-growth serum. Use an old mascara wand to apply Vaseline to your lashes before bed, and after a couple months you’ll notice longer, thicker eyelashes.

  2. Tame flyaway hairs and split ends with a light dab of Vaseline for a healthy, polished look.

  3. Make your perfume last longer by applying a thin layer of Vaseline over pulse points before spritzing.

  4. Winter in the Willamette Valley often causes dry and irritable skin. Using Vaseline as an overnight face mask, post-shave conditioner, or cuticle cream will leave your skin soft and shiny without spending the extra cash. Treat Eczema or dry knuckles by coating with Vaseline and covering with cotton gloves overnight.

  5. Add Vaseline to your makeup kit. Apply to cheekbones or above brows for a fresh and dewy look, and over your eyelids as a shiny primer for your eyeshadow. Going for a no-makeup look? Use Vaseline instead of mascara for thicker, fresher lashes.

  6. Make the last of your favorite lipstick go further by mixing it with Vaseline, and add it to your lips or even cheeks for a natural flush.

  7. Use Vaseline as makeup-remover. Correct makeup (such as uneven eyeliner) with a dab of Vaseline on a Q-tip, or remove stubborn eye makeup by smearing it on a cotton ball or tissue.

Photo by MikeLaptev/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by MikeLaptev/iStock / Getty Images






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