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13 Places in NYC I Love So Far

13 Places in NYC I Love So Far

I've been in the city a 11 days now, and I've managed to fall in love. Here are the places I've had a chance to check out!

G- Chelsea Market

  • Upscale market with literally every food you can imagine
  • Fun just to walk around and people-watch
  • 45 minute subway ride/walk

H- The Fashion Institute of Technology

  • This is where I'm going to go to fashion school next year!
  • 40 minute subway ride

I- Mood Fabrics

  • One of many amazing fabric stores in the garment district 
  • Offers affordable sewing/illustration classes I hope to take advantage of
  • I will probably spend every penny I make here
  • 25 minute subway ride/walk

J- Time's Square

  • Fun to see at night -- once.
  • Avoid this place at all costs
  • Super close to garment district

K- The Metropolitan Museum of  Art

  • My uncle got me a membership for graduation!
  • 45 minute subway ride 

L- Central Park

  • Super fun just to walk around
  • Great place to find street performers
  • 45 minute subway ride 



  • We are living in the Financial District
  • Very secure area with fun places to eat
  • Really close to most everything!

A- Battery Park

  • Fun place to read a book
  • View of Statue of Liberty
  • 10 minute walk from home

B- NYACK College

  • This is where I'm taking Bible classes this semester!
  • Eight minute walk

C- Zaytuna Market

  • The market where we shop 
  • Two minute walk 

D- 10 Below Ice Cream

  • The only ice cream shop on the planet that matters
  • They make it right in front of your face by rolling the ice-cream into little roses on a frozen plate
  • 20 minute walk

E- Redeemer Presbyterian Church

  • Where we go to church
  • Located in a beautiful 1930's theater
  • Has several classes for artists and college students 
  • 40 minute subway ride/walk

F- Golden Crepes

  • Our post-church lunch treat
  • Best savory buckwheat crepes known to mankind

More fun in Central Park!

I think our tour guide-guy had a crush on us because he gave us an incredible deal on a little 90-minute tour of the park. He didn't really speak English, but we managed to catch about 45 percent of what he said! It was great. 

Here's a glimpse into our neighborhood! 

We live super close to literally everything. I love just "running to the market" to pick up one ingredient that we need... Growing up, we went to town for groceries once a month (if that), so the idea of just "running to the market" feels kind of like sneaking a second cookie from the cookie jar.

I just adore it. 

We are right in the heart of the Financial District, so the area is very secure. There are police men on most corners, especially at night, standing outside buildings such as the Federal Reserve. 

There's a little park outside the market we shop at. It's fun to go down there with a book or even a picnic lunch. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to feed the birds, but so far that has been one of my favorite things! It's just really peaceful there and you don't feel like you have 40-story buildings all around you with the fountains and trees all around. 

Lastly, here's a stack of some of my favorite photos from walking around Times Square one morning on my way to Mood Fabrics! 

There is so much color. My brain can hardly process everything that filters  through it. From the people, to the cars, to the street vendors, and the buildings there is just so much to take in. You can always smell things cooking. You can always hear an ice cream truck in the distance. It is about as sensory-overload as you can get. 

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Central Park: Home of the Artist