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A Simple Start

A Simple Start

Click the video for a look at my first sewing project in NYC!

So when I moved to New York I told myself I was going to focus on school... "No designing!"

Well you can see how long that lasted.

I made it to NYC's infamous MOOD Fabrics within two days of moving to the city. 

I realized that if I want to both eat annnnnd have new clothes, shopping is not an option. So, for the first time in my life, I might do a little sewing for myself!

Our 400 square-foot apartment isn't exactly set up for the kind of manufacturing my 1400 square-foot studio in Scio allowed for, but it works for little things.

I decided to start small with a simple top that I can wear with jeans while the weather is nice, and under my leather jacket once it cools down a bit. 

My favorite thing about this top is that the little ruffle around the sleeves is at the perfect length to just peek out from the cuffs of my leather jacket. I also really love the little white pom-poms down the middle and around the sleeves. I think they add a fun 70's flare that's both stylish and playful. 

I love going to MOOD because it gives me an excuse to dress up. Everyone at MOOD is wearing some kind of fabulous outfit, and I've noticed that you get much better service if you "look" like you mean business! 

So far I've just made the lace top and a pair of wine-colored wool trousers, but I bought some green velvet a few weeks ago that I've been dying to cut into. 

I hope you enjoy my cell-phone quality video of my impromptu studio. Stay tuned for the red trousers and green velvet!

Shoutout to Ma for taking the pictures! 

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