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Nicole Miller: New York Fashion Week 2017

Nicole Miller: New York Fashion Week 2017

Photo from the Nicole Miller Website

Photo from the Nicole Miller Website

A Peek into Fashion Week from a Nicole Miller Intern

SoHo, New York -- "What are all these people doing standing around in the snow?"

My cab driver, Ahmed, swivels his wrist in disgust at the sharply dressed men and women that slog across the street. A green Gucci bag collects a thin layer of frost, and an Armani coat is pulled tight around the wearer. 

"It's Fashion Week," I say, raising my hands to the small heater. "There's nothing practical about Fashion week."

Practical. Practical like five pairs of size-nine Doc Martin boots in the seat next to me. 

With one final disgruntled flip of the wrist, Ahmed replies, "Crazy fools."

New York Fashion Week 2017

Don't Miss The Nicole Miller Show

 It's that time of year. Fashion Week revving up to full tilt. Musicians, stylists, journalists, and other celebrated titles are flocking from all corners of the globe, to slug though the snow from show to show, party to party, and network to network to partake of this much anticipated to-do. 

For the past six weeks I have been completely submerged into the behind-the-scenes madness that means preparing for fashion week. I started my internship with Nicole Miller in January and have felt my mind bending with every day of it. 

My Fall 2017 collection is an exploration of New York’s darker street edge. I wanted to move from St. Mark’s Place presented in Pre-Fall to dig deeper into the underground scene of the city. The collection looks to the future, mixing influences of mysticism and symbols with a modern take on grunge.
— Nicole Miller

Since I've arrived at Nicole Miller’s, we have been working on the fall 2017 collection to show at Fashion Week. Sometimes I dart around the garment district, dressed in black, diving into mysterious buildings and collecting shiny packages of fabric samples. Sometimes I carry seven coffees up from Starbucks. Whatever it is, I find myself at the end of the day with excitement for tomorrow’s adventures.

There are two other design interns: Emma, 23, from Sweden, and Jennifer, 27, from Indonesia. Last week we started model castings. On Saturday alone we dressed over a hundred models, from which only 36 would be chosen.

Since then, it’s been a frenzy of finalizing outfits, hair and makeup looks, and backstage-preparations. The team has been in the office from 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. for two weeks now. There has been little sleep and even less rest as last minute details have been worked out for the show. 

On Wednesday they needed a “nail model,” someone who's nails could be painted by the celebrity manicurist from ZOYA to get an idea of what was wanted for the runway. Lucky for me, my nails were still intact from when my friend Lizzie and I had them done together. “Kate!” Designer Alicia Abbas summoned me out from under the styling frenzy of flying garments. “I have an important job for you!” 

It was pretty rough to sit though a manicure with the most talented (and sweet) manicurist in New York.

Yesterday, after picking up more shoes in SoHo with my pal Ahmed, Emma and I spent an hour pulling the elastics out of socks for the show to “grunge them up.” 

Nicole and her team have been pouring their hearts into this collection for the runway show for months now. Hours have been spent agonizing over the tiniest details, and for what? A ten minute show? 

It’s more than that. All of this time, all of this fuss? It’s about art. It’s about telling a story. It’s not just a ten minute show. It’s about creating a masterpiece that will shape the day-to-day lives of everyone. Whether it’s a celebrity buying a beetle-print blouse off the runway or someone digging a knocked-off beetle-print t-shirt out of the goodwill bins, fashion affects everyone.

Names like Nicole Miller affect everyone. 

While deemed impractical my many, or even “foolish,” by my cab driver, shows like this bring people together, from every corner of the globe, to celebrate fashion and to enjoy art.

Live Stream The Show:

Click the button to stream the show live tonight, February 10, at six p.m. EST to join the celebration and to get a peek at what we have been working on at Nicole Miller for the past few months!

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