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Day Twenty-One: Latvia Lovin'

Day Twenty-One: Latvia Lovin'

Bank Holiday = No work = New Adventure

Liepāja, Latvia — I got another stamp on my passport last night! I have also experienced eating pickled herring for breakfast. 

My mother's oldest brother, Dan, and his family have been settled in the Baltic country of Latvia for nearly 20 years now, running a summer camp and sheep farm in Ergli.

At a Glance:

When: May 28, 2017

Where: Liepāja, Latvia (Below Russia)

Why: Family!

Best Eats: Chilled Beet Soup

Song of the Day: Day to Feel Alive by Jake Reese

Uncle Dan's oldest kids, Jonathan, 15, and Anna, 13, go to school in Bath, England, and invited me to come home with them for the week as schools and many businesses take their May bank holiday. I had time off from my internship and it was only a 2.5 hour flight from London to Riga, so of course I wanted to join them!

Door wide open!  

This morning we drove three hours south of Riga, to Liepāja, where my Aunt Katie earned her masters degree, for a 2-day beach get-away. We passed miles of agriculture, with familiar Canola and grass seed growing along the bumpy highway. 

So far my family has enjoyed feeding me strange foods, such as chilled beet soup and pizza with hard-boiled eggs on it, and they have judged me incredulously for my adamant need to photograph every single colorful building. 

Our first order of business was swimming in the Baltic Sea, which is not exactly known for its tropical tendencies. It wasn't too bad after the skin went numb though!

The sand is softer here, and the salt water very clean. My hair and skin have never been happier than after a refreshing Baltic soak. 

The lilacs are in full bloom and vary in shades of ivory to deep violet. The chestnut blossoms are so sweet that just walking the treelined cobblestone streets makes you long for Latvian pasteries. 

The painted glass bulbs that zig-zag overhead and lead toward the beach come to life at night, making you wonder if you're closer to the North Pole or Miami Beach. The festive pub music that drifts over from The Singing Tree in the park suggests the latter. 

I couldn't be more thankful for my dear family who always add the best sparkle to any adventure. Thank you SO much for letting me tag along!!  

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