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Anna Miss in Dotted Swiss 

Anna Miss in Dotted Swiss 

Sunshine calls for a happy little photoshoot at the beach.

Liepāja, Latvia -- When I have pretty friends, there's a good chance I'll talk them into playing dress up for me. When I have pretty cousins, they really don't have a choice. 

More about Anna

Age: 13

Where She's From: Born in England, grew up in Latvia, and spends summers in Oregon. 

Hobbies: Art, art, art!

Languages: English & Latvian (She is a master of both British and American accents)

Dream Job: Hair & Makeup Artist for Theatre

Lucky for me, Anna is both a beautiful young lady annnnnd perfectly content to be my model. In fact, my cousin, Anna, was my very first human mannequin. When she was no more than a toddler, I remember dressing her in little green fairy skirts and medieval gowns with long flowing sleeves. 

At our cousin tea parties in the summertime, it was Anna who was always happy to show up wearing one of my creations, and her perfect spirals of honey-colored hair and sparkly green eyes only added to the frills. 

Now Anna, who is extremely artistic, is 13 years old and attends boarding school in Bath, England. She's not a toddler anymore, but she's still up for a good round of dress-up. 

Last week, the two of us were re-united once again, and although I only came with one small backpack, I'd been sure to save room for another creation for Anna to wear. 

I made this pair of yellow wrap-around shorts in April, when I was in New York. I'd seen the yellow dotted swiss in the fabric store and knew that I absolutely had to have it, and that it was going to be a frilly set of shorts. 

They were meant to be Coney Island shorts, but I'd say that with all of Liepaja's soft sandy scapes, bursting with colorful signs and mosaic tiles, it serves as an equally whimsical backdrop. 

Here's to the happiest of shorts, the prettiest of cousins and the brightest of adventures!

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