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Taylor's Marilyn-Inspired Birthday Dress with a Side of Honesty

So here’s where I’m at, from a very non-medical front. Here’s a simple dress that I actually struggled with. A lot. Here’s a long blog-post about suffering and not about an exciting adventure around the world with pretty people and tasty food. Here’s a glimpse at some cracks in my heart. Here’s some honesty. And I hope, here’s a safe place for anyone who’s suffering to feel like they aren’t alone and maybe even to share. Whether it’s in the comments below,  private message, or a phone call to a friend, you may be surprised by what a little imperfect, mad, or seemingly ridiculous honesty can do. 

Brew Your Own -- Tools from Susan Khalje

One class and one meal with Couture Extrordinare, Susan Khalje

In my experience, there are two types of artists in this world. 

There are the conceptualists. The ones who wield their arms about and plan together over cold Starbucks coffee in shiny conference rooms. They tend to be the ones who make money.

Then there are the hands-on creators. These are the ones with greasy hair and difficult, or to be kind, whymsical, dispositions and a preference to work on their own. Their coffee might be cold too, but they probably brewed their own. 

Pretty Brilliant

A reflection of September's New York Fashion Week and my first month in fashion school.

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and my Youth With A Mission (YWAM) friends have all dispersed back to their various corners of the globe. They let me tag along with them again this year, working backstage dressing models with their Beauty Arise team. 


Day Four: Old School Couture and Fried Plantains

oday, 10 a.m., London — After a ten-month hiatus, I was finally able to sit down in a proper sewing studio with my beloved Juki’s long lost British cousin. I bathed in the silky glow that the ivory in-work wedding gown left on my hungry fingers and delighted in every tiny stitch. 

My new friends, Appa, Nyleeta, and Tina and I took turns sharing our Harrods research with Lucy Tammam (our boss), with wide eyes and enthusiastic hand motions. 

But the excitement did not stop there.